Laura's Family

There were three marriages between the Ingalls and Quiners, making Laura's family quite complicated. The family trees at the bottom are intended to help decrease confusion; they are not comprehensive. You may choose the names from the list, or click on the names within the family trees, to learn more about each individual or family.

Charles Ingalls (Pa) (Laura's father)
Caroline Ingalls (Ma) (Laura's mother)
Mary Ingalls (Laura's oldest sister)
Laura Ingalls
Carrie Ingalls (Laura's younger sister)
Freddy Ingalls (Laura's younger brother)
Grace Ingalls (Laura's youngest sister)
Almanzo Wilder (Laura's husband)
Rose Wilder Lane (Laura's daughter)
Landsford and Laura Ingalls (Laura's paternal grandparents)
Henry and Charlotte Quiner (Laura's maternal grandparents)
Henry and Polly Quiner and children (Laura's uncle and aunt)
Peter and Eliza Ingalls and children (Laura's uncle and aunt)
Thomas Lewis Quiner (Laura's uncle)
Docia Waldvogel Forbes and children (Laura's aunt)
James and Angeline Wilder (Almanzo's parents)
Royal Wilder(Almanzo's brother)
Eliza Jane Wilder (Almanzo's sister)

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Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl

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