Independence, Kansas


After leaving their home in Pepin, Wisconsin, in late 1868 or early 1869, the Ingalls family lived in Chariton County, Missouri, for several months to a year. They then moved to Montgomery County, Kansas, about 13 miles southwest of Independence. The family made their home on the Osage Diminished Reserve after receiving word from Washington that the land would soon be open for settlement.

Though Laura was only 2-3 years old when the family lived here, she wrote of the family's experiences here in Little House on the Prairie based on Pa's, Ma's, and Mary's memories. It was here that Mr. Edwards, their bachelor neighbor, crossed the flooded creek to bring Christmas presents to the girls. Laura also mentions her neighbors, the Scotts, and Dr. Tann, who brought the family through a bout with malaria. In addition, the Ingalls family had Osage neighbors, including the French speaking chief, Soldat du Chene. Though not mentioned in the book, Laura's sister Carrie was born while the family was living here.

Little House on the Prairie

Mr. Edwards crossed a swollen Walnut Creek to bring Christmas to the girls.


Today, a replica cabin stands on what is believed to be the land where the Ingalls family settled. Near the cabin are the remains of a handmade stone well, thought to be the one made by Pa and Mr. Scott. The Verdigris River and Walnut Creek, mentioned in Little House on the Prairie, flow near the site. Sunnyside School and the old Wayside Post Office are also located beside the cabin, although not of the same time period as Little House on the Prairie.

Little House on the Prairie
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