Little House on the Prairie


3. The windows of the little house were made of this.
5. Pa went out hunting this dangerous animal, but learned that an Indian had already killed it.
7. Mr. Edwards brought Laura and Mary each one of these from Santa Claus, because they'd had to share one before. (2 words)
8. This cracked the night after the Ingalls family crossed the Mississippi.
9. Indians wore the skins of this animal, which made the house smell bad when they paid the Ingalls family a visit.
10. Laura and Mary found these at the Indian camp.


1. These animals made a ring all around the house at night.
2. These insects caused fever 'n' ague (malaria).
4. The nearest town to the Little House on the Prairie.
6. Pa sent this down into the well before he and Mr. Scott could go into it to dig.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl

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